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Slavery Footprint

Thanks to Google Reader share’s function, which is sadly going away, I came across Slavery Footprint, which has a pretty cool interface that allows you to select and customize options, like how much clothing you own, what’s in your bathroom, … Continue reading

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crowdsourcing state surveillance

Alexandra Samuel has a good post up about the willful participation of people in using social media to crowdsource surveillance after the Vancouver riots: But there is a big difference between individuals cooperating with law enforcement — carefully, thoughtfully and … Continue reading

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My social media sign-ups

As I’m working on my dissertation, I thought it would be productive to brainstorm all the social media services I’ve signed up for, going back over the last 14 years probably. I think the first one I ever signed up … Continue reading

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signature line amended: privacy, information, surveillance

I’m a bit concerned that my signature file on my email is already long (name, office number, website, and an Anaïs Nin quotation), but after reading Tenured Radical’s excellent post, and especially this post at the Blogora that linked there, … Continue reading

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gay internet hopes

One theme that has recurred while teaching intro to LGBTQ studies this term is the hope that my students place in the Internet in order to “fix” the problems of queer culture. Two particular problems were addressed with what I … Continue reading

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