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Anonymous posts list of email passwords for anti-LGBT folks

I’m generally sympathetic to Anonymous’s tactics (or, at least, their general approach), but I’m not sure this recent move is helpful to anyone: They’ve recently provided a list of hundreds of passwords to email accounts for those they call “The … Continue reading

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cigarettes, cell phones, and zones of privacy

My writing group workshopped my working draft of Chapter 3 today, and it was a productive conversation. As I was walking home, I was ruminating over exactly what I want to argue in this chapter, which deals with cultural anxieties … Continue reading

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crowdsourcing state surveillance

Alexandra Samuel has a good post up about the willful participation of people in using social media to crowdsource surveillance after the Vancouver riots: But there is a big difference between individuals cooperating with law enforcement — carefully, thoughtfully and … Continue reading

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Rooting out Secrets: Donald Trump, Hermeneutics of Suspicion, and Victimage

A few points about Mr. Trump. I found his response to President Obama “finally” releasing his birth certification fascinating. Here’s the clip (via Ian Awesome): There’s his pompousness in being “proud” of himself for being the one that got Obama … Continue reading

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word cloud of acanfora vs the deans

I’m working on my talk for CCCC for later this week, and I thought I’d make a word cloud of the transcript of the investigation of Joseph Acanfora by the six Penn State deans on the University Teacher Certification Council … Continue reading

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