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Meh Kitty: Online Forums Allow the Tricked to not be Tricked

The most recent XKCD comic features a man who has learned the art of “negging” from online forums of “pickup artists.” Negging is how pickup artists tear down a woman’s self esteem so that they then seek the approval of … Continue reading

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Slavery Footprint

Thanks to Google Reader share’s function, which is sadly going away, I came across Slavery Footprint, which has a pretty cool interface that allows you to select and customize options, like how much clothing you own, what’s in your bathroom, … Continue reading

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Black Thursday: Open vs. Closed Internet and DJ Remixes

I finished reading Tim Wu’s The Mast Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires last week, which chronicles how new information industries develop over the twentieth century and become closed systems. In short, his argument is that we need … Continue reading

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gay internet hopes

One theme that has recurred while teaching intro to LGBTQ studies this term is the hope that my students place in the Internet in order to “fix” the problems of queer culture. Two particular problems were addressed with what I … Continue reading

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democratic hopes vs technological actualities

This video is a great response to idealized views that the Internet will bring about democracy: h/t the blogora

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