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Slavery Footprint

Thanks to Google Reader share’s function, which is sadly going away, I came across Slavery Footprint, which has a pretty cool interface that allows you to select and customize options, like how much clothing you own, what’s in your bathroom, … Continue reading

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readings on violence and rhetoric

After the shooting in Tuscon Tucson this weekend, many many people have weighed in on the violent rhetoric used in our current political climate. I don’t really have much to add to the following links, but I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Bérubé on the Sokal Affair

I just read Michael Bérubé’s essay on the Sokal affair: He revisits the affair in which Sokal published a hoax essay in Social Text, attempting to show that postmodern leftist academic writing was, in short, lazy and harmful to the … Continue reading

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“politically correct”?

Last night at the dance club a friend expressed that he was uncomfortable at another gay bar where a 60-year-old man showed up in a dog collar, calling it “sad.” I started asking questions about why he was uncomfortable, noting … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: link dump

• Via Theresa, article on local tv taking advantage of newspapers failing. Check out Theresa’s commentary as well. • The MSM are discussing that meme going around Facebook: 25 “Random” Things… Time, WaPo, NY Times. • It’s weird having a … Continue reading

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