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crowdsourcing state surveillance

Alexandra Samuel has a good post up about the willful participation of people in using social media to crowdsource surveillance after the Vancouver riots: But there is a big difference between individuals cooperating with law enforcement — carefully, thoughtfully and … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: ereading, twitter, plagiarism, potato chips

• Harvard Business: An analysis of Twitter based on gender. Men are more likely to follow other men and more likely to be followed by more people, although there are more women on Twitter than men. Additionally, 90% of the … Continue reading

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Barney Frank on hate crime legislation

I love this speech:

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Iowa constitutional convention?

Will conservative Iowans attempt to call for a constitutional convention? Levinson’s Our Undemocratic Constitution makes a convincing argument for the need of a national constitutional convention. However, the ways in which such a convention could be used to harm civil … Continue reading

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