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word cloud of acanfora vs the deans

I’m working on my talk for CCCC for later this week, and I thought I’d make a word cloud of the transcript of the investigation of Joseph Acanfora by the six Penn State deans on the University Teacher Certification Council … Continue reading

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gay internet hopes

One theme that has recurred while teaching intro to LGBTQ studies this term is the hope that my students place in the Internet in order to “fix” the problems of queer culture. Two particular problems were addressed with what I … Continue reading

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Bersani (2010): Is the Rectum a Grave?

Is the Rectum a Grave?: and Other Essays by Leo Bersani My rating: 4 of 5 stars Bersani’s Is the Rectum a Grave? is largely a project to put Focault’s injunction to look for new ways of relating to each … Continue reading

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On Glee, Bullying, and Inventing Things Differently

I don’t watch Glee, largely because I don’t find it compelling at all, except in that the musical numbers can be fun. The show also pissed me off with a few episodes whose messages were quite clearly: disabled people are … Continue reading

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The radical homosexual agenda of Chris Armstrong

According to Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shrivell claims that U of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong has a “radical homosexual agenda” in his quest for gender-neutral housing. Of course, he’s right. This radical agenda is based on some … Continue reading

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