signature line amended: privacy, information, surveillance

I’m a bit concerned that my signature file on my email is already long (name, office number, website, and an Anaïs Nin quotation), but after reading Tenured Radical’s excellent post, and especially this post at the Blogora that linked there, today I added to my penn state email:

Note: This account is university-owned and thus not private and may be solicited by anyone via the Freedom of Information Act, as I am a public employee. Matters of a personal or political nature should be sent to my gmail account: [Email]

I’ll admit to not being entirely certain if this is necessary, but perhaps it’s just better to remind myself and others that personal communication is better on a non-university account.

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  1. Cole says:

    Hi Michael … I saw that added to your signature in an email you sent me and I was interested in it’s origins. Thanks for the pointer to the inspiration for it. Interesting.

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