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Thankful for Marzipan!

As I wrote about a few posts ago, I meant to write some thankful for posts, but never got around to it. In that post, I expressed my gratitude for my awesome colleagues. Well, here’s a quick post about my … Continue reading

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Some post-Watson thoughts

I’m in a coffee shop in Louisville, thinking about the conference, what I learned, and what I missed. I’m bummed that I got into town Thursday afternoon, in time to miss some cool talks Thursday that I wanted to see. … Continue reading

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stuff white people like

While I was visiting Michigan State’s campus last week, quite a few grad students were talking about the blog Stuff White People Like. When I got back home, I checked it out. It’s an hilarious site that chronicles the behaviors … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: the childish edition

I want to write extensively on these, but given time constraints, I’ll just give some links and let you think, with perhaps a bit of musing from myself: • There is a viral video going around that is supposed to … Continue reading

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what makes this election different, plus the monopoly on “change” and “hope”

I think this election cycle is exciting for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the ways in which individuals and groups not attached to the campaigns are remixing and creating content, posting it on the web, and … Continue reading

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