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the dove self esteem fund

Via the amazing Nathan Buck, this feminist YouTube video on the media and beauty industry: I don’t know a lot about Dove’s Self Esteem Fund, but I think this ad is pretty impressive — especially because it is so quick … Continue reading

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remixing a coke bottle for your exam

I think this video is amazing: BoingBoing links to some YouTube videos posted by kids providing instructions on cheating.

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what makes this election different, plus the monopoly on “change” and “hope”

I think this election cycle is exciting for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the ways in which individuals and groups not attached to the campaigns are remixing and creating content, posting it on the web, and … Continue reading

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4C’s reflection: Friday

a continuation of my previous two posts: Friday: F.06 old + old = new: Writing Multimedia, Remixing Culture, Remixing Identity Some graduate students and an undergraduate student from Michigan State shared some really interesting ideas and experiences of their own … Continue reading

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consequences in education, oh, and on that remixing stuff

I’m always being in my Harper’s reading. During my vacation (4C’s in NYC, and now in Pittsburgh), I was finally able to catch up on the September 2006 issue. There’s a pretty good Forum on using video games that might … Continue reading

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