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Meh Kitty: Online Forums Allow the Tricked to not be Tricked

The most recent XKCD comic features a man who has learned the art of “negging” from online forums of “pickup artists.” Negging is how pickup artists tear down a woman’s self esteem so that they then seek the approval of … Continue reading

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Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis: Teach-in

Today Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation created and produced a resource for teachers at Penn State, as well as for students and community members: Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis. From the opening of the resource: The Penn State … Continue reading

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on interpreting and using assignment sheets

A friend wrote me recently with this request: I’m developing a tutorial to walk students through deciphering essay assignments by breaking them down into task-oriented pieces. You came to mind as one of my friends who reads a great deal … Continue reading

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As the term starts rolling along

As the term begins, I thought I’d write a quick post with some useful links. • Composition instructors know it can be difficult to teach using a handbook. How do we approach the text as a useful resource for students? … Continue reading

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FYC into the archives

In the spring, an archival librarian gave a presentation to instructors in the composition program here about using the university’s Special Collections in composition courses. My friend Sarah closed out her first year rhetoric and composition course with an archival … Continue reading

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