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Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis: Teach-in

Today Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation created and produced a resource for teachers at Penn State, as well as for students and community members: Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis. From the opening of the resource: The Penn State … Continue reading

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Poster (2006): Information Please

Information Please: Culture and Politics in the Age of Digital Machines by Mark Poster My rating: 4 of 5 stars In Information Please, Mark Poster asks how information works differently when it is mediated through digital machines, arguing that much … Continue reading

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is loyalty too dirty of a word?

I’m working through some thoughts regarding ethics and causes. Specifically, I’m wondering about the differences between loyalty and commitment. After reading Josiah Royce’s The Philosophy of Loyalty for a creative democracy philosophy course at Oregon State, I was moved by … Continue reading

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“politically correct”?

Last night at the dance club a friend expressed that he was uncomfortable at another gay bar where a 60-year-old man showed up in a dog collar, calling it “sad.” I started asking questions about why he was uncomfortable, noting … Continue reading

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writing is a duty

I love this statement: A textbook based on a community perspective valuing audience and ethics would begin much differently [than textbooks that start with “Writing is an important means of expressing yourself”]. Maybe like this: “You have a duty and … Continue reading

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