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the need for alliance building: fighting racism and homophobia

A friend of mine is working on a zine about queer politics and has asked me to write something. Below the cut is the draft I have so far — pretty rough, but a start. Related to this, today I … Continue reading

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post election thoughts: morning in America

cross-posted As I listened to NPR this morning, I heard Representative Lewis’s acceptance speech, where he talked about Obama’s win, rather than his own, and Jesse Jackson’s reaction as well. I teared up a little, thinking about how monumental this … Continue reading

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the problem with engineering ethics

My friend Luke is working on his M.A. thesis in applied ethics. It’s on ethics in engineering, and while doing some web research, he came across Texas State University professor Karl Stephen‘s blog, where he argues that same-sex marriage is … Continue reading

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white privilege: how it’s used to divide and conquer the working class

Via Meagan from a few months ago, this Tim Wise video on the historical and current implications of white privilege, and how it’s used to divide white working class folks from people of color (so that white workers identify with … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My White LGBT Siblings

Printed today in the OSU Barometer: This letter will be angry. I won’t apologize for any vitriol or confrontation here. I don’t believe that we can have honest public discussions without being confrontational. My anger comes from hearing, with dismay, … Continue reading

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