the dove self esteem fund

Via the amazing Nathan Buck, this feminist YouTube video on the media and beauty industry:

I don’t know a lot about Dove’s Self Esteem Fund, but I think this ad is pretty impressive — especially because it is so quick and such an onslaught of images.

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2 Responses to the dove self esteem fund

  1. Reid Parham says:

    While yes, it is a good message, I see it as a poor alternative to the norm. Dove is owned by holding company Unilever, who also owns Axe. At the surface, the Dove campaign is great. Their inconsistency, however, just makes it a transparent ploy for dollars.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, Reid, for the info. I was skeptical, because I hadn’t researched Dove much. It’s not surprising, though, for these large companies are always doing ploys like this. The contradictions between this ad and the Axe ads says quite a bit.

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