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Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis: Teach-in

Today Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation created and produced a resource for teachers at Penn State, as well as for students and community members: Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis. From the opening of the resource: The Penn State … Continue reading

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Crowley (1998): Composition in the University

Composition In The University: Historical and Polemical Essays by Sharon Crowley My rating: 5 of 5 stars Crowley’s 1998 Composition in the University is Crowley’s perspective on the history of composition as a discipline and first-year requirement in North American … Continue reading

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“your education”

Today’s television child [. . .] is bewildered when he enters the nineteenth-century environment that still characterizes the educational establishment where information is scarce but ordered and structured by fragmented, classified patterns, subjects, and schedules. It is naturally an environment … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: ereading, twitter, plagiarism, potato chips

• Harvard Business: An analysis of Twitter based on gender. Men are more likely to follow other men and more likely to be followed by more people, although there are more women on Twitter than men. Additionally, 90% of the … Continue reading

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According to Georgia Law Makers, Queer Theory is Not Legitimate

This was sent out on a listserv I’m on: According to Republican lawmakers in Georgia and the Christian Coalition, queer theory is not a legitimate course of study. On CNN’s American Morning today, Carol Costello reported on Georgia’s recent variation … Continue reading

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