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Dennis Jerz on my CCCC Panel

I finally got around to reading Dennis Jerz’s summary and response to the CCCC panel I was on a few weeks ago. I think he pretty accurately conveyed what we discussed on the panel, as well as evaluated some of … Continue reading

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English 30 reflections post #1

This term, as I’ve discussed a bit before, I’m teaching Honors Rhetoric and Composition1 as part of the University’s project with Sony. We are checking out Sony’s ebook Reader and doing most of our course’s readings on this — either … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags

• Metaspencer links to this master’s thesis on blogging in classrooms. I’ll have to read it sometime soon. • Steven Krause links to Cory Doctorow’s 17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You. Good tips for people with websites … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags

Some interesting links: • Konrad Glogowski posts about his own voice in blogs while teaching 8th grade. I found his post really interesting in regards to personal voice and identity presentation/representation. An excerpt: What I am really concerned about, however, … Continue reading

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blog as palimpsest

Note for Chapter 3: Following Geoffrey Sirc in English Composition as a Happening, can we view blogs as palimpsests, the constant putting new ideas or artifacts on top of old ones, a constant revisioning of ideas, a collage? Blogs, even … Continue reading

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