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um, what?

From A Racist Recession?, which discusses the racial disparity in unemployment rates: “High black unemployment has more to do with lags in educational attainment and skill acquisition than with racism.” Um, what caused those lags in educational attainment and skill … Continue reading

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decentering the performer

I went to the drag show put on by a student group on campus today. It was a decent show, and some of the performers were really engaging. But what really got me thinking about the show wasn’t the performers … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags

• Inside Higher Ed: On the age bias in hiring academics • Anne-Marie offers some information literacy tools for synonyms • Matt offers some tools for annotated websites • Matt also shares some videos about Twitter. This one on ambient … Continue reading

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“whopper virgins”

From Feminist Philosophers, Here is a 7+ minute video that shows a taste test conducted by Americans in regions of the world where people have never eaten a hamburger. They conducted an experiment to see if these “whopper virgins” would … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: some points of interest as the winter draws near

• Michael Bérubé points to the funny little blog fafblog, which back in 2004 might have coined the best little phrase I have read in a while, during a spoof interview with James Dobson (which sounds eerily like a real … Continue reading

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