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584: Weekly Position Paper #9: The Ethos of GTAs: Credibility Appeals vs. Pedagogical Openness

Ethos is a term that Krista Ratcliffe employs in Rhetorical Listening both in order to understand how whiteness functions in our society and in order to help teachers understand how they can plan for a course that prepares students to … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: racism, transphobia, marginalia

• via Dennis, BooMan on explicit racism in this election. An excerpt: Anytime they poll the American people about racism, blacks say there is more of it than whites. The raw racism on display this election season is probably more … Continue reading

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Some post-Watson thoughts

I’m in a coffee shop in Louisville, thinking about the conference, what I learned, and what I missed. I’m bummed that I got into town Thursday afternoon, in time to miss some cool talks Thursday that I wanted to see. … Continue reading

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Balance (1990): Cause and Effect

Andrea, a fellow graduate student, passed this 1990 short animation along (it won an Oscar for the best animated short in 1990). It might be useful to show in class to lead to discussions of cause and effect. Of course, … Continue reading

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narrative, “Fast Car,” clichés, and the purpose(s) of first year composition

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a week now. My students are working on personal narratives, ones in which they need to analyze the events and support a thesis. Additionally, they need to think about it rhetorically: who … Continue reading

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