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zines v. the internet

Thanks to my friend Eric for sending me this link. Rita Flórez at Good Magazine has an article title “Why Zines Won’t Die”, which I found pretty interesting, and relates to my thesis (which, alas, is done, but the research … Continue reading

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Lethem’s “The Ecstasy of Influence”

Neurological study has lately shown that memory, imagination, and consciousness itself is stitched, quilted, pastiched. If we cut-and-aste our selves, might we not forgive it of our artworks? (Lethem 68) I just finished February 2007’s Harper’s and there was a … Continue reading

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prewriting and collaboration become easier online

Collin Brooke wrote about free online prewriting and brainstorming software that looked pretty cool, so I checked them out. Both of the two websites he sent readers to had to do with mapping, and I’m pretty pleased with both. The … Continue reading

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sefer and the text

From Robert Alter’s “To the Reader” for his translation of Genesis: The biblical conception of a book was clearly far more open-ended than any notion current in our own culture, with it assumptions of known authorship and legal copyright. The … Continue reading

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thesis “proposal” for MAWG

Cross-posted on MAWG: Polemics and Irenics in Argument – it’s a start? In her essay “The Womanization of Rhetoric,“ Sally Miller Gearhart writes that she believes “that any intent to persuade is an act of violence“ because the persuader has … Continue reading

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