word cloud of acanfora vs the deans

I’m working on my talk for CCCC for later this week, and I thought I’d make a word cloud of the transcript of the investigation of Joseph Acanfora by the six Penn State deans on the University Teacher Certification Council in 1972. He was being questioned on his avowed homosexuality and homosexuality activity, which caused concern about his “moral character.” The word cloud of the top words:

Wordle: Acanfora vs. the Deans

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  1. James says:

    Interesting events in light of the Sandusky verdict this weekend and forthcoming Penn State lawsuits, since, in contrast with the Acanfora case, PSU didn’t scruntinize their employees nearly enough this time. Culture has changed a lot in 40 years. MLK hadn’t even been dead for 5 years in 1972. As one of the deans pointed out, certain homosexual acts were illegal, and Acanfora was openly gay and asking for their recommendation. It seems like a reasonable line of questioning, one that’s akin to someone today being an outspoken advocate for legalizing marijuana and asking to be certified as a teacher. Basically, PSU’s handling of Acanfora seems appropriate for its time, and I have to wonder if the backlash changed their administrative culture in any ways that contributed to how they mishandled the Sandusky crimes.

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