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Table of Contents

Local Histories and Geographies

A Great Wisconsin Tradition: Friday Night Fish Fries by Gallagor

Interactive Map of Ghost Stories in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Alyssa

Eagle River: The Best Spring Break Vacation Ever by Murray

The Mystery that Is Bill Zorn: The Legend of Willis “Bill” Zorn by Mabin

Wisconsin: Your Guide to Visiting Some of the Most Beautiful State Parks in Wisconsin by Tristin

Why Local History Is Important by Max

UWEC Putnam Park, Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Vinnisha

The Life of Bill Zorn by Nik

Those Who Have Passed by Jenna

UW-Eau Claire Housing Program by Erik

Gendered History in Wisconsin

A Woman to Remember by wishmae

Fight Like a Girl by Julia

Miller Brewing Company: Advertising Throughout the Years by leonarel

Psychokillers, Psychologies, and Criminalities

Gein’s Traumatic Childhood by Miranda

Parenting Gone Wrong by johnjenn

Jeffrey Dahmer and Asperger’s Disorder by Travis

Jeffrey Dahmer, the Kindhearted Killer by czechmd

The Effects of John Dillinger on Government Law Enforcement in the 1930s by Kayla

Doing Histories

Researching Jeffrey Dahmer Can Be Captivating with the Use of Primary Sources by Leen

Racism in the Midwest and Its Colonial Past by DR

Do College Students Know More about Video Games than World War II? by Aaron

Wisconsin Identities: Badgers, Beer, Baseball, and Cheese

How Wisconsin Became the Badger State by Alexys

The History of Pabst Brewing Company by Dillion

Leinenkugels Bewery of Chippewa Falls by Brigham

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery Final Project by Adam

Has Prohibition Backfired? by Claire

Connecting UWEC and Canoes for a Cause by Katy

The Path of a Legend by Andy

Why Wisconsin Cheese? by Eileen