The History of Pabst Brewing Company

Introduction to my timeline

I chose to create a timeline on the subject of the history behind Pabst Brewing Company. The reason for me choosing Pabst Brewing Company as my topic was because of their long lived history, I believed that not many people on campus actually knew about the interesting story behind Pabst, and also because this successful company started right here in Wisconsin 170 years ago and is still present today. There was a lot of information that I found pertaining to this company’s history. I couldn’t include all of the information that I found for the sake of keeping the interest of my audience, but I still managed to include 33 points on my timeline with what I believe to be very key points to help understand this company’s history. The website where I decided to create my timeline (Timetoast) was date specific. I was able to find the years for every point on my timeline, but 15 out of 33 of the points, I was not able to find the specific date that the event happened on. For the sake of my audience, I am letting you know that for those 15 points where I couldn’t find the specific date I used an irrelevant date, which was April 21st.  Enjoy!

Pabst Brewing is where you can view my timeline!