Those Who Have Passed

Why are there movies like Paranormal Activity or ones where there are hauntings? Why are they successful? Each movie about hauntings has some crazy story behind why it is like that. There is an entire television channel called Sci-Fi! There are a lot of people that are interested in unusual stories or things. It can be even more interesting when it happens somewhere like your backyard. When you think of Eau Claire you would never think that there are crazy stories dealing with death. Most of you probably think that the river is where the majority of the deaths occurred. Yes that is true people died in the river but my project wasn’t just looking at river deaths. I was looking for something you haven’t heard of before. Not many students or even any know these stories. It might be something that isn’t necessary to know but I feel like after learning this you can feel more connected to Wisconsin in general.

All of these stories you are about to read are true and happened near Eau Claire or in the state of Wisconsin. Click on each star to learn more about what happened in that location.

As you read some of these stories you probably believe that most can’t be true. It’s hard to believe that these things can happen. I kept thinking about all the different reasons such odd things could happen. Was it just that Wisconsin was the place for unusual deaths? It couldn’t just be the state, so I investigated some more. All of these stories occurred in the early 1900’s and technology since then has changed and evolved so much. In the year of 1901 they discovered that people had different blood types. Surgeries were probably performed differently because of this. In 1906 they figured out that vitamins help you stay healthy and are needed in your body. And in 1935 they finally made a machine where it could control your heart and lungs during surgery. They didn’t have much back then and they weren’t as knowledgeable. People didn’t really go to the doctor unless they were very sick.  In some cases you are ill and don’t know it. It could be something only technology could detect before you thinking you have something wrong.  This is what I believe is a main reason why these stories seem goofy. They could have been sick unknowingly.  There is so much more that is done today to help you live longer. We know so much more too. If someone was having spasms that was making them yawn I bet these days you can get a shot of some sort to calm the spasm and allow you to stop yawning. It’s crazy to think of the amount of things that have been developed in the past 100 years; things that we take for granted every day.