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documentary on race and humor

A while ago, Megan at Intent/Effect linked to a low-budget documentary hosted on YouTube about race and humor, shown on Racilicious. The video was put together by a high school teacher wanting to teach media literacy surrounding race and humor. … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: college edition

A series of links: • The University of Iowa’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is offering money to departments for students who sign up for Friday classes, in an attempt to curb student drinking on Thursday nights (Iowa State … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Diversity, Chapter 1

Last night I continued reading Walter Benn Michaels’s The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality, which I am reading at a snail’s pace. In Chapter 1, Michaels shows that the idea of race as … Continue reading

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notes from the protest today

The protest went well tonight, I think. A fairly-sized group of people, including students, faculty, staff, and community members, attended and walked in a circle holding signs and showing solidarity for an hour before the game. Students held signs reading … Continue reading

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more on nooses, blackface, and OSU

I’ve recently posted a bit about the current issues on campus here surrounding the use of blackface at football games and the recent sighting of a noose at Phi Gamma Delta (also known as Fiji). I’d like to provide some … Continue reading

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