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Johnson-Eilola (1997): Nostalgic Angels

Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing by Johndan Johnson-Eilola My rating: 5 of 5 stars While the examples Johnson-Eilola uses in Nostalgic Angels to discuss hypertext are dated (e.g., the 1990s program HyperCard), his arguments seem to be just as salient … Continue reading

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sefer and the text

From Robert Alter’s “To the Reader” for his translation of Genesis: The biblical conception of a book was clearly far more open-ended than any notion current in our own culture, with it assumptions of known authorship and legal copyright. The … Continue reading

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Our thesis writing group…

My fellow MA students Sarah G, Marieke, Michelle, and Sarah B and I are meeting once a week to go over each other’s writing and to motivate each other for our theses (or writing sample, in SG’s case). This is … Continue reading

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wells on encyclopedic organization

The Wells quotes are stolen from Mark Bernstein‘s post Encyclopedia 2: From H. G. Wells’ lecture on Brain Organization of the Modern World, October and November 1937. “This Encyclopedia organization need not be concentrated now in one place; it might … Continue reading

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read this…

Note to self: read this when you’re on a faster computer:

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