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the rhetoric of pink

I’m in my hotel in Frankfurt with pretty poor wireless connection stolen from elsewhere, but I thought I’d pass on this brief NY Times article about the use of pink in visiting football locker rooms as a psychological strategy at … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags, talk like a pirate day edition

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I refuse to celebrate (while it is fun, I feel somewhat uneasy about the whole concept, for reasons I can’t quite explain yet). Here’s some interesting stuff I want to catalogue/share: • Sometime … Continue reading

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4C’s reflection: Saturday

a continuation of my previous 3 posts: Saturday: O.02 Technologies of Writing: Rhetorics of Place Jeff Rice‘s talk, “Spatial Identities: Writing Cities,“ was really engaging. He called into question the way Google Maps or MapQuest constructs our ideas of place, … Continue reading

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a pedagogy of shame

In preparation for Luke and my conference talk “Towards a Less Oppressive Social Justice Pedagogy,” I am reading Sandra Lee Bartky’s “The Pedagogy of Shame.” While Bartky is most concerned with the way we systematically shame women in classrooms, leaving … Continue reading

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