Blog Post #5

Throughout this research project I have found a lot of interesting articles pertaining to the gradual change of housing conditions for UW-Eau Claire students. I have found out that in the 1950’s due to the shortage of housing available on campus, UW-Eau Claire actually voiced out the general public to see if residents would want to house students. Then in the 1960’s students protested the new changes to the housing regulation which required students to live on camps unless they were 21 years or older, married, or living with parents. I also researched the current affairs of the current housing situation where only freshmen are to live on campus yet is not strictly enforced. In response to my question I did learn that there was a progressive change to the student housing conditions, that allowed more students to be able to choose where they wanted to live. I, however, still need to research why students chose to live in the 5th ward of Eau Claire and I was unable to find out sanctioned housing offered off campus and the rules and regulations those students had to abide by. I also need to investigate if there were any differences for male and female housing while living on campus. Overall though this research has provided me with understanding the independence and social changes that occurred at UW-Eau Claire and the improvements of being able to live off-campus as independent adults. 

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs. They have been very interesting! I hope you can answer the questions you still have. Well done!

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