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The research question that I am proposing to investigate is the housing conditions and housing restrictions concerning UW-Eau Claire students starting in the early 1920s to the current status surrounding UW-Eau Claire housing. I am interested in mainly learning the shift from UW dorm housing to the area surrounding Eau Claire mainly pertaining from 1st street to 9th street and Water Street to Lake Street. I would like to investigate how the limits and restrictions of males and females living conditions and the eventual progress that UW-Eau Claire. I am also interested in this information because I lived in the dorms and eventually shifted to living in the central college location of town.

This question is important because of the large portion of Eau Claire is University students and their eventual migration could be the influence of economic progress associated around Water Street and stores that cater to this general populous within the surrounding area. Another reason that this question is important is that many students have either lived in the dorms or will eventual live off campus. The information that I am doing research on will hopefully better understand the shift of student living conditions and the pursuance of living off campus or remaining on campus.



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  1. When we visited the archives for the first time, my table had a box on it from a girl that attended UWEC in the early 1900’s. This could have some good information for you! I was very surprised and interested by the information I read in that box. Living in the dorms on campus was much more formal that it is now, there were plenty more rules. Although some rules still remain, they aren’t nearly as in depth as in the 1900’s, so I will be very interested to see what information you find regarding the big persuasion is to moving out of the dorms and into off-campus housing. I would assume the aspect of further independence has something to do with it but I am very curious to see what you find out.

  2. All of those research questions are well thought out and very good. I have another possible research question. Why do you have to move to the Water St. area? Couldn’t move south of Clairemont? There are nice apartments and clean neighborhoods over there. You could also walk to Bollinger for intramurals if you lived there. That’s just a suggestion for another research question.

  3. Hi there. Very helpful and informative topic for students who would love to live of campus. There are houses which are rented out in good conditions and may get bad after its rented out to students. This might lead to increase in the restriction level. I wonder if living of campus nowadays has more rules compared to students who live on campus. I bet they are more flexible off campus compared to on campus. Great introductory post.

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