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The first source that I will be introducing to this research project is the UW-Eau Claire catalog for the year 2013 – 2014. I chose this source because it is the most familiar to students about the current living conditions surrounding housing situations. I also want to understand the current affairs of student housing and by working from this current era and researching backwards I can see how things may have progressively changed.

According to the UW-Eau Claire catalog for 2013 – 2014 it is “required that all freshmen and sophomores except for those who are married, living with parents or guardians, or veterans of the United States Armed Forces, are required to live in University-operated residence halls when such accommodations are available” (pg. 21). This article also describes those who are staffed at such these housing conditions mainly pertaining to the hall director and resident assistance but provide limited information about the rules and regulations that these hall directors and assistance provide. Living on campus also requires students to information that this article provides is the participate in the “contract meal plan”(pg. 21). Finally this article informs the reader in the process in which to obtain more detailed information about housing by contacting the Housing and Residence Life Office.

This article provides general knowledge pertaining to living on campus. It describes in little detail as possible to get the point across about those who are considered for living on campus. The article argues that each student that attends UW-Eau Claire must live on campus and also adhere to the rules and regulations in place at such dormitories. It also strictly states that these students must also participate in the meal program as well if living on Campus. Overall, this article provides the reader with little information regarding housing and redirects the student to seek out advice and further knowledge from the Housing and Residence Life Office.

I believe that this policy is not enforced then because of myself having lived off campus as a sophomore and also other students who are sophomores that have also lived off campus. The article is minutely informative but provides another source to pursue in order to get more concrete information regarding policies, the different dormitories, and other regulations associated with living on campus. Although this article provided a small amount of information it did provide the current living conditions that need to be met while attending UW-Eau Claire. This information is important because it shows that as of the year 2014 students as freshmen or sophomore according to the article must live on campus.

In regards to requiring sophomores and freshmen requiring to live on campus it begs to question did the University at one time in point require that students live on campus for all 4 years. If this policy of 4 years possibly shifted then I would be able to find the exact date when there possibly was a shift from campus living to off-campus living. This date if retrieved would give me more vital information about at what year and possibly why students decided to migrate to there current location surrounding Water Street. I believe although this article provided a small amount of information about my question it, however, geared me in a better approach on what I need to look for in my research and also provided me with another resource such as the Housing and Residence Life Office. From this point I would like to first get more information from the Housing and Residence Life Office and see if they have more information available and if they have older information about this particle topic requiring more than 2 years of on campus living.


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  1. An interesting approach you decided to take trying to find your question. When I lose my keys I always retrace my steps, but I’ve never tried that approach when researching before. Your post made it clear that it’s a well thought out approach and I encourage you to keep working backwards! Using the source you selected to find another source is a great idea and it’s good to hear you know where you are going to go from here. Some questions that you might ask yourself going into the Housing Office might be: How old do their records go back? Why are some of these rules made? Why should people follow these rules? Looking forward to your next post!

  2. This is an interesting way to go about your research. Seems like it is going to work well for you. It will be interesting to see it compared to what it used to be like to live on campus. Im excited to see what you find out!

  3. I would agree that this was an interesting way that you went about doing your research. This appeals to a lot of us because something such as living situations is something that we are all eventually going to have to deal with. Using a source to find another source is interesting and can’t wait to see what you find out next!

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