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“we put the ogle in google”

A critique of Google’s information tracking, asking for viewers to ask Congress for a “Do not track me” list:

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Notes from the Interblags

Hey, let’s get back to some cool stuff I read online recently: • I really like this post from Tenured Radical, which is largely about facebook, faculty meetings, and school starting. In particular, this line is spot-on: If I can … Continue reading

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Meetspaces: Going the Way of Newspapers

Diesel Sweeties raises an interesting point, that media studies and rhetoric don’t seem to focus on as much as the perishing newspaper: how much are our public physical spaces changing due to online behavior and sociality? I’ve read a number … Continue reading

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the ethics of anonymity

via The Philosophist, here’s an Huffington Post column about an Alaska state legislator revealing the previously anonymous identity of “Alaska Muckraker,” the Alaskan blogger who wrote about Sarah Palin once she was nominated for vice president. The column brings up … Continue reading

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584: Weekly Position Paper #11: Questioning the Private Body

Three essays in Freedman and Holmes’s collection The Teacher’s Body: Embodiment, Authority, and Identity in the Academy center around pregnancy. All three essays call into question dominant narratives and conceptions surrounding pregnant bodies. Noting the dis-ease of others around her … Continue reading

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