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a pedagogy of shame

In preparation for Luke and my conference talk “Towards a Less Oppressive Social Justice Pedagogy,” I am reading Sandra Lee Bartky’s “The Pedagogy of Shame.” While Bartky is most concerned with the way we systematically shame women in classrooms, leaving … Continue reading

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on the autonomous self

I have to lead class discussion in feminist philosophies on the following article tomorrow morning: Grimshaw, Jean. “Autonomy and Identity in Feminist Thinking.“ Feminist Perspectives in Philosophy. Ed. Morwenna Griffiths and Margaret Whitford. Bloomington, IN: Indiana UP, 1988. 90-108. In … Continue reading

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On Chapter 2 of Changing the Subject in English Class

Alcorn makes a strong case in this chapter that “rhetoric of discourse is libinal” (26) and that “libidinal structure is always ideological. Libidinal structures are inesapably ideological because all meanings and all feelings operate as meanings in an ideological context” … Continue reading

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Thelin’s vision of the English Classroom

I love it when College English and CCC come in the mail. I’ve been getting better with these journals, dropping whatever I’m doing and at least looking at the table of contents. This is an improvement over when I taught … Continue reading

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