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Barney Frank’s refusal

In Rhetorical Refusals, John Schilb discusses how some rhetors have refused to meet audience expectations about the norms of discourse or genre; usually, this refusal is deliberate, and rhetors draw upon higher principles to justify their refusal. Often, in rhetorical … Continue reading

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the trouble with [the acceptance] of normal

Cord Jefferson at The Root (h/t Queerty): The annual marches ultimately accomplish two things: They entertain those of us—gay and straight—who already wholeheartedly support the cause of equal rights for the LGBT community, and they feed into the rotten stereotypes … Continue reading

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audience word cloud

Word cloud of a paper I’ve been working on: At last I’ve written something that doesn’t bring up adverbs and conjunctions (like “rather” and “however”) as large words!

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decentering the performer

I went to the drag show put on by a student group on campus today. It was a decent show, and some of the performers were really engaging. But what really got me thinking about the show wasn’t the performers … Continue reading

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writing is a duty

I love this statement: A textbook based on a community perspective valuing audience and ethics would begin much differently [than textbooks that start with “Writing is an important means of expressing yourself”]. Maybe like this: “You have a duty and … Continue reading

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