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some notes from gallagher and greenblatt

On New Historicism: Does this mean that we have constituted ourselves as, in the words of a detractor, “the School of Resentment”? Not at all: we are, if anything, rather inclined to piety. Nonetheless, any attempt at interpretation, as distinct … Continue reading

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Christo-fascism and power is knowledge

Joseph Orosco today posts some good thoughts on Carolyn Baker’s review of Chris Hedges’s new book American Fascism: The Christian Right And The War On America. Joseph ends his post by asking, Is there such a thing as Christian Fascism? … Continue reading

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I am in the middle of reading “Panopticism” by Foucault, and I’m certain I’ll be using this for my paper on punk pedagogy. Punk is about breaking discipline, about fighting discipline, and this essay is exactly about discipline, and it’s … Continue reading

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Falling for Foucault

Recently, I’ve been reading some Foucault for theory group and for Writing 593. I’ve read sections of The Order of Things, the essays “What is an Author” and “Nietzsche, Geneology, History,” and an excerpt from “The Order of Discourse.” From … Continue reading

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