The rise of white nationalism in the United States

This video from Democracy Now, an excerpt from Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen’s White Power USA, is just terrifying. It chronicles the rise of white nationalism in the United States over the last year. I’d embed it, but the embedding code doesn’t appear to be working on this blog.

The except from the documentary is quite long, but well worth the watch. I think the documentarian makes some valid points at the end of the excerpt, one of which is the necessity to stop calling racists and White nationalists “extremists” and “radicals” and quit mocking them in mainstream media, because it actually harms progressive movements: those who might have sympathies with right-wing movements but might be on the fence won’t listen to progressive activists or advocates because those are the type of people who mock their neighbors and concerns.

Overall, a fantastic and chilling report.

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6 Responses to The rise of white nationalism in the United States

  1. Angela Wolf says:

    Wow. This was definitely an eye-opener. I knew it was happening, but I did not realize how severe the problem was. Very thought-provoking.

  2. Michael says:

    Yeah, I didn’t realize the extent to which this was developing either. Very eye-opening.

  3. James says:

    well I became a white nationalist out of necessity. Hate crimes towards whites sky-rocketed in my area and when I was attacked and reported it as a hate crime they told me plain and simple that whites can not be protected under hate crime laws.

    and whenever I try and have a simple debate over race or racial issues we have in the country I am instantly called a racist even though I am not, using that word to shut people up who they do not want to speak. racism and racist policies towards whites are getting worse and even though I do not like it, I realize that when the minorities become the majority, they will not show Us the same kindess and liberalism we showed them.

    BTW: I used to be very liberal before it hit home, and you won’t support it either till you get beaten down 2-3 times a week just for being white.

  4. Michael says:

    James, I am sorry to hear about your violent experiences. A few things: I agree that the word “racist” gets used to shut down discourse, but I find it difficult to not understand how a white nationalist is not racist, since they are defining full citizenship based on being white.

    Hate crimes legislation generally protects any crime based on racial difference — unless the state or city you’re in is anomalous. Perhaps the police or attorneys in your area are ill-informed?

    Also, what kindness are you talking about? Liberalism hasn’t been too kind toward racial minorities — or perhaps kind is an okay word, but certainly not just.

  5. James says:

    Racism:defined as believing you are superior to another based on race

    White nationalism in today’s context: The desire for a white homeland, to live in a homogenous white society.

    I cannot afford(physically) to live in the area I do. I will be moving to my Pioneer Little Europe town in about a year or two once I am done college and feel comfortable once again.

    my feelings came from aggression towards me and my actions and desires to live in an all white community is a purely a result from a double standard that we live in.

    I imagine you have not had problems this severe so I envy you, but understand no one is born “I hate dem got dawum niggurs sos I gots to go be wid da master race duuurrrr”

    people are either taught to not race mix (in every sense of the word) or they choose to based on problems that they faced. I am honestly glad you can still live the way you do. But I have too many problems now that came from other ethnic groups. I simply just want to live with my own kind now. please understand and do not be biased.

    And don’t look down on someone for wanting the same(maybe they feel that way because they are tired of abuse they have received)

    perhaps you should move to one of those “Diverse” neighborhoods, live there for a few years and come back and see if you really should be pushing those “anti-racist” views, anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

  6. Michael says:

    Taking your definition of racism, James, then we have to investigate the criteria used to define a country as belonging to whites. What criteria other than racial superiority is used to determine who belongs where? Saying “this is my (race’s) land, not their land” has to depend on an evaluative criteria, one that says “I am more of a citizen (superior) than they are.”

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