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It’s been a while since I’ve done a link-dump, but it’s probably time. Most of the stuff I read now gets linked to from my Twitter account.

• Slate’s new women’s website doesn’t seem very feminist according to Feministing—or perhaps downright anti- or post-feminist. UPDATE: Read Anne Friedman’s post at The American Prospect, which asks why sites like Slate don’t just offer more content for women rather an a whole new site.

Inside Higher Ed on the new book New Tech, New Ties: How Mobile Communication is Reshaping Social Cohesion by Rich Ling. Looks interesting.

• Google Search gets cooler. Of course, this opens all sorts of information literacy potentials.

• Onward State: a judge punished a student for tweeting during the trial. Seems like an infringement on free speech to me.

• Here’s a great parody of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean’s press conference the other day. The original can be seen here. Also, I think Donald Trump is creepy.

• Oh, and in case you thought that perhaps politics wasn’t still a man’s club, read this.

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