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the dove self esteem fund

Via the amazing Nathan Buck, this feminist YouTube video on the media and beauty industry: I don’t know a lot about Dove’s Self Esteem Fund, but I think this ad is pretty impressive — especially because it is so quick … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday infographics

via Information Aesthetics, check out this blog post about infographics used to depict Super Tuesday primary results. Something to use in class, perhaps, as we talk about graphics in technical writing.

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aids ads getting creative

Via, InventorSpot posts some fascinating AIDS awareness ads from Europe, including this one: These ads are pretty shocking, and I especially like this one, for how emaciated and deathly Wonder Woman looks — and the statement below that “AIDS … Continue reading

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great website full of ads and gender

I’m working on a performance art piece for Queer Vox as part of this year’s Pride Week at OSU. My performance/presentation will revolve around gender and the sexualization of youth — and a hopefully well-done deconstruction of it. I came … Continue reading

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