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research, credibility, and fact-checking

Julie links to’s debunking of Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation, which they find to be full of citations to unsourced blog posts, citations to his own work, and blatant lack of information that would disagree with his thesis. The … Continue reading

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this is a FYC paper waiting to happen

Today during orientation we were told to expect FYC papers on the new petition signed by over 100 university and college professors asking legislators to open up debate about lowering the drinking age. I’ve seen papers on lowering the drinking … Continue reading

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compositionists as public intellectuals

A while ago I commented at The Blogora that it seems that the positive press about composition and student writing always comes in the form of newspaper articles written by reporters about the classroom, but negative press always seems to … Continue reading

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notes from Kevin on remembering how to teach

About a month ago Kevin wrote some notes on ‘remembering how to teach’ that I thought I’d repost here. As I’m thinking about what’s not going well in my classrooms this term, these seem pretty pertinent: 1. Don’t just assign … Continue reading

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who owns language: firefighter is such a cumbersome word!

Pardon me if the ideas here aren’t organized so well. In his AEI piece, David Gelernter writes: “Logic has never been a strong suit among the commissar-intellectuals [meaning feminists] who have bossed American culture since the 1970s.” It appears, though, … Continue reading

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