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• Ira Socol calls for 2009 to be the year of universal access

• New York Magazine has a brief story on gay-related zines out of New York. Towleroad includes links to various zines. I might have to make a trip to NYC sometime soon to visit Printed Matter.

• Aaron Bady at The Valve has an interesting read/analysis of A Christmas Story, aired on repeat on TBS every December.

In Other Words, the last remaining non-profit women’s bookstore in the country, is struggling to stay open. They have to raise more money by February, so consider helping out!

• Via Queers United, here’s the blog Community Psychology at Penn State Harrisburg, a blog about a woman doing graduate work at PSU Harrisburg who’s experienced discrimination for wanting to do queer studies work. In her words: “I am a graduate student who faced discrimination at Penn State Univ. of Harrisburg for creating a graduate project focused on Queer Studies. I was told my project had to be a ‘Women’s Studies’ project because ‘Penn State Univ. as an institution does not support Queer Studies.’ While at PSH I faced verbal abuse and sexual harassment due to my gender expression as a working-class lesbian.”

• Via Pam’s House Blend, Rex Wockner’s take on Stonewall 2.0, a phrase I am incredibly uncomfortable with. Wockner claims the movement “isn’t fizzling.” An excerpt:

Stonewall 2.0 may or may not be inextricably wed to Join The Impact, the viral entity that coordinated the massive, 300-city, 50-state demos on Nov. 15, but what happened from Nov. 5 to Nov. 15 in California and across the country indisputably fired up a new generation of activists and lit a fire under complacent, comfortable older generations. It was a 2.0 moment — different from the gay marches on Washington, the AB 101 protests, the White Night Riots and other post-Stonewall historical moments precisely because it took place from coast to coast and border to border, and because the method by which it was organized (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, e-mail, text-messaging) can be reactivated in minutes whenever the moment strikes.

• Nan Hunter at the Bilerico Project discusses the California Attorney General’s brief in the Prop8 legal battle. Pretty much, the AG argues that Prop8 should be invalidated on the grounds that marriage is a natural right. Interesting argument, but worrisome from the vantage point of someone who wants to disentangle marriage from the state.

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