notes from the interblags: LGBT activism, adjunctification, web accessibility, mismethodology,

• Trans Political responds to the article in The Advocate, “Gay is the New Black.” Trans Political expresses concerns about the disappearance or invisibility of the trans rights movement.

• Gay marriage is before the Iowa Supreme Court.

• Nobel Prize Winner predicts an HIV vaccine within 5 years.

• NY Times: Gay marriage is prompting a new wave of activism. Ridiculously, some are calling the Prop 8 protests “Stonewall 2.0.” Wow, talk about historical ignorance.

• Inside Higher Ed: The Adjunctification of English

• Cara Finnegan links to Christian Sandvig’s Mismethodology blog, “a repository of controversial, clever, horrible, daring, or otherwise interesting examples of research that inform research design.” My favorite is the only thesis with a cult following.

• The Chronicle: The World Wide Web Consoritium released new guidelines for web accessibility.

• Corvallis Gazette Times: Corvallis, OR, is the safest small town in America. State College came in 5th.

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