Request for Graduate Level Foundations of TC syllabi

Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Greg Wilson and I are conducting research about how the field of technical communication is constituted in courses that provide an overview of scholarship in the field.

We are looking for syllabi at the graduate level for courses taught in the last five years that might be titled Foundations of Technical Communication; Research & Theory in Technical/Professional Communication; History of Technical Communication; or similar titles. We are specifically looking for syllabi that include a course description and week-by-week reading lists of assigned texts.

If you have taught such a course in the last five years and are willing to share your syllabus with us, we would be very grateful for your participation. This study is IRB approved; we will remove any identifying information from syllabi and analyze the syllabi in the aggregate (a corpus analysis of course descriptions and network analyses of texts assigned). Graduate students in Greg’s Foundations of Technical Communication course will also be assisting in the entry and analysis of data.

If you are willing to participate, syllabi can be emailed to or Greg, me, and the graduate students in the course will be the only ones looking at the syllabi, and they will not be circulated more widely.

Please contact me at, Greg Wilson at, or Texas Tech’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at (806) 742-2064 or if you have any questions.


Michael Faris & Greg Wilson

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