different discourses for different folks

Lots of folks are talking about their old high school friends, classmates, and even enemies friending them on Facebook. One of my old high school friends recently friended me, after we hadn’t talked in five years (since our five year class reunion). The other day, while I was away from my computer, he instant messages me with a rather vulgar greeting (“hi f…er”). Now, I’ve got no problem with swearing. I’m a potty mouth. What I don’t get is how one can greet someone that way when you haven’t talked in five years. And before that, it had been a few more years. I can only imagine it’s because he thinks we both should communicate like we did in high school, and that’s something I don’t get. I’m not the same I was in high school. He’s not the same either (because he just can’t be). What’s up with this old high school chummery?

He greeted me again that way today, and we chatted a few moments online, and I taught him what “ttyl” means (talk to you later), and I remain baffled by our different (and yes, classed) communication styles.

Another note: our ten year class reunion is this summer. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to Iowa for that — depends on when it is and how it conflicts with my schedule here. I’m kinda interested in going actually, unlike my five year, which I dreaded (even though I planned it as class president).

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