grades: done

I just submitted my grades for all four sections of my class. Upon reflection, I think I was too soft grade-wise throughout the term, and offered a bit too much extra credit at one point. However, it’s been a wonderful term, and I had some amazing students in my class who seemed to enjoy the class and learn a lot. Grading so many final reports was frustrating, as I saw the same types of mistakes consistently, especially in regards to citing sources, directing the report toward an audience, and making the report’s recommendations and purpose clear. But the ones that were well organized, cohesive, and clear about their purpose and audience, were fantastic. A few students asked for feedback, and the best parts of this week were spent writing a letter to students after reading their report.

I’m excited for break: I’m headed to Europe on Monday, so there will probably be some pretty light blogging over the next month. But I have a lot to get done before I leave, so I’m going to get back to work on some other stuff.

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