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As an editor to OutLines (the OSU Pride Center newsletter) and assistant editor to Teaching with Writing this year, I’ve thought a bit about typefaces more so than in the past. I remember being young and enthusiastic back in 1990 with my new Macintosh Plus and playing non-stop with fonts. And then seeing the same thing in my middle school students a few years ago when they’d work at the computer. Now, I’m a bit more reserved, and understand a bit more.

I forgot where I got this link from (it’s been sitting as a tab in my browser for a few weeks), but Michael Bierut offers Thirteen Ways of Looking at Typeface, which I think is pretty interesting.

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  1. Dennis says:

    That was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting it =)

  2. Vicki TB says:

    This is really interesting, Michael. I am thinking about how I want my book to look, and this raises interesting issues about type choice. As you are finishing your thesis research, if you see any books you think are especially effective visually in a way that would even translate to 18th century scholarship, let me know. Thanks!

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