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some blog posts on delivering conference papers

If you’re curious about giving conference papers, here’s some blog posts to read: 1. Jenny Edbaur Rice’s post about some problems with conference presentations 2. Topspun’s post chronicling presentation mistakes at 4C’s 3. Topspun’s part 2 to the previous post

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notes from the interblags, the back from Europe edition

Here’s some interesting reads: • I’m fascinating by issues of privacy and online social networking, and this time, it’s related to the double standard between young men and young women. Feministing links to this CNN article about young women posting … Continue reading

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the (lack of) rhetorical literacy in powerpoint presentations

Tonight, after realizing that there was no humanly possible way I was going to actually finish grading my students’ individual portfolios tonight in order to return them to my students tomorrow, I decided to have dinner with a few friends. … Continue reading

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it’s 2:00 am, do you know where your teacher is

I just finished creating a trailfire presentation for my business writing students tomorrow (summary available here) — or, rather, today, as it’s 2:00 am. Why am I up so late? Due to having a lot of grading left to do … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter, the Liberal Blogosphere, and the (Straight, Liberal) Male Bond

Here is my talk from The Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference last week. I’ll put the abstract here and the talk below the cut. I also added links within the text to blogs I discuss. To forefront on concern of mine … Continue reading

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