The radical homosexual agenda of Chris Armstrong

According to Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shrivell claims that U of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong has a “radical homosexual agenda” in his quest for gender-neutral housing. Of course, he’s right. This radical agenda is based on some very radical notions:

• The radical notion that men and women are equal.

• The radical notion that a man and a woman might have a non-romantic, non-sexual friendship and might want to live together.

• The radical notion that a straight man and a straight woman might be in a relationship and want to live together.

• The radical notion that college students are adults and should have more options in whom they live with and how they live.

• The radical notion that a transgender person might feel more comfortable living with someone of a sex or gender different from how the university identifies that person as.

Pretty radical. As with most LGBT initiatives, this one appears to benefit straight people even more than queer people. I’ll resist the urge to speculate why Shrivell might have a problem with a policy that benefits straight people so much (but it might be related to why he spends to so much time on a young gay man’s facebook page).

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4 Responses to The radical homosexual agenda of Chris Armstrong

  1. Michael says:

    Ok, I can’t really resist. What if there is gender neutral housing? Would men be living with men less? Wouldn’t that mean that there’s a decreased likelihood of unplanned drunk man-on-man sex in the residence halls? As a U of Michigan alum, what will Shrivell have left to fantasize about?

  2. Thomas says:

    The fact that this person keeps going on and on is only more embarrassment to my state.

    I think someone needs to take a tip from Dan Savage (I believe) and ask Shrivell outright about his sexuality.

  3. Michael says:

    Thomas, Shrivell is an embarrassment to not only Michigan but our entire political system. That he hasn’t been fired is another embarrassment.

    Cooper came close to asking him directly about his sexuality when he noted that he seemed a bit “obsessed” with Armstrong.

  4. Michael says:

    After re-reading this, I need to slow down and proofread better. Ugh.

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