Cooper’s interview with Shirvell

It’s rare that I really respect how someone on cable news interviews someone, but Anderson Cooper hits Michigan’s assistant attorney general Andrew Shrivell with hard questions, calling him out with clear, reasoned definitions of “cyberbullying,” “personal,” and “bigot.” Shirvell’s performance is ridiculous, and Cooper’s questions call attention (at least to some audiences) of his irrational, immature public behavior.

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2 Responses to Cooper’s interview with Shirvell

  1. heather branstetter says:

    Wow. I have missed this whole thing. Go Anderson Cooper! “I’m just questioning your judgment…”

  2. Michael says:

    Have you been living in isolation the last few weeks, Heather? 😉 (probably, you’re a hard worker and might actually be getting stuff done on your diss)

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