Discovering Zorn

The third source I have chosen to utilize is an abstract from the Special Collections and Archives online library. This is a summary of what I will find from the Bill Zorn Papers (an archive in the special collections) and I chose this material because I get an overview of the information I will find through the many Zorn folders. Also, I have already dug up some information from the archives that I will be using in my research paper as well but I did not blog about them.

The third source I am using is very valuable because it is straight to the point. There is a lot of information to gain from this abstract so it can only be beneficial. Some information I found was unknown to me. For example, “Zorn was born March 30, 1899 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He attended high school in Stevens Point, graduating in 1918. After high school Zorn attended Stevens Point Normal School and enrolled in the Student Army Training Corps (SATC) during World War I. In 1920, he enrolled at the University of Chicago. On June 30, 1924, he married his high school sweetheart Virginia; they had one son, Bill Jr., and one daughter, Amy Lou” (1). This information is valuable because most of the articles I read from newspapers only discuss his basketball or football success and not about his life. The abstract even mentioned this, “Nicknamed “Mr. Enthusiasm,” he was known for his strong character and leadership both on and off the court” (2). This is helpful because I’m trying to discover his character and why he was well-liked enough that Eau Claire named a building after him.

This source is very reliable and credible because it is found in UW- Eau Claire’s archival collection. I have nothing to argue against this passage about Zorn because it is all factual information. The only issue, I want to know more about why Zorn was so liked. None of the sources really go in to much detail so I will have to use the events and success of Zorn to connect it to his likability on campus. From here I will continue to search through the archives to find more information pertaining to Zorn. This source has been a positive factor in my discoveries but I am thinking about changing my research question to better fit my findings and because I have less broad questions that I would like to address.

Works Cited

Bill Zorn Papers, 1916-1984. AS 393. Special Collections & Archives. McIntyre Library. University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. Eau Claire, WI.




3 thoughts on “Discovering Zorn

  1. This sounds like a huge help to your research, especially with it talking about some of his personal background and that people liked him all around. Even though he well known, it kinda sounds like he was reserved and kept his personal life out of the view of the public. You make him out to be an individual someone wants to emulate and have as a role model and that’s awesome. Good luck with researching that last part of figuring out why everyone loved him so much.

  2. If your research question is still: “Why was Bill Zorn significant to Eau Claire?” Haven’t you already answered that question partly? Bill Zorn seemed to had a positive effect on everyone while walking around being so enthused? I don’t think his importance to this campus has everything to do with winning games. I think you have very good information that will help you see that!

    1. I agree completely, however, I want to see accounts where he enthused people. They say Zorn was excited and fun-loving but I don’t get any examples and that frustrates me at times. I can say he was an enthusiastic guy but I feel like I can not fully support that claim through the information I have. People think it but why? Lastly, if Zorn would have lost every game in his career, would he still have the basketball arena named after him? That’s what I am trying to discover. Thanks for your feedback…it was very helpful and I’m glad you questioned my thought process because you never know sometimes!

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