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The Journey Thus Far…

Thus far, my journey has been a challenging one. Finding sources that prove or disprove the question I am trying to answer has been difficult. However, I found 6 or 7 solid sources to help me answer my question: Why was Bill Zorn so significant to Eau Claire? This question is still not permanent yet because I am unsure if I want to change my question. However, the answer to that question has a few different directions, which made it complex. Bill Zorn was so important to Eau Claire because he was so involved at the University. He was Dean of Men, head football, basketball and track coach, and athletic director throughout his tenure at Eau Claire. Zorn was well-liked because he was very successful over the years. He was the most successful during his basketball years. Lastly, Zorn was loved by the faculty/staff at the university and by his players he coached. Everyone talked very highly of Zorn no matter what. Throughout my research, I have yet to hear a negative story about Mr. Zorn. With all of these reasons put together, Zorn made such an impact on Eau Claire that the university named the basketball arena after him. Of course I elaborated on this topics throughout my paper but this is a summary of what I was thinking and what I found out about Zorn.

Discovering Zorn

The third source I have chosen to utilize is an abstract from the Special Collections and Archives online library. This is a summary of what I will find from the Bill Zorn Papers (an archive in the special collections) and I chose this material because I get an overview of the information I will find through the many Zorn folders. Also, I have already dug up some information from the archives that I will be using in my research paper as well but I did not blog about them.

The third source I am using is very valuable because it is straight to the point. There is a lot of information to gain from this abstract so it can only be beneficial. Some information I found was unknown to me. For example, “Zorn was born March 30, 1899 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He attended high school in Stevens Point, graduating in 1918. After high school Zorn attended Stevens Point Normal School and enrolled in the Student Army Training Corps (SATC) during World War I. In 1920, he enrolled at the University of Chicago. On June 30, 1924, he married his high school sweetheart Virginia; they had one son, Bill Jr., and one daughter, Amy Lou” (1). This information is valuable because most of the articles I read from newspapers only discuss his basketball or football success and not about his life. The abstract even mentioned this, “Nicknamed “Mr. Enthusiasm,” he was known for his strong character and leadership both on and off the court” (2). This is helpful because I’m trying to discover his character and why he was well-liked enough that Eau Claire named a building after him.

This source is very reliable and credible because it is found in UW- Eau Claire’s archival collection. I have nothing to argue against this passage about Zorn because it is all factual information. The only issue, I want to know more about why Zorn was so liked. None of the sources really go in to much detail so I will have to use the events and success of Zorn to connect it to his likability on campus. From here I will continue to search through the archives to find more information pertaining to Zorn. This source has been a positive factor in my discoveries but I am thinking about changing my research question to better fit my findings and because I have less broad questions that I would like to address.

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Ron Buckli Reflects on Zorn

The second source I discovered and decided to use was a primary source. I found the article at the newspaper and magazine archives. The reasons I wanted to use this source was because of the significance it has to my exploratory essay and the fact that Ron Buckli, the author, is credible and has been a journalist/writer at Leader Telegram for many years. Buckli had this article published on May 21, 1968.

The main reason for the article was because the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire was celebrating the retirement of Bill Zorn. About 500 friends/players showed up to his basketball coaching and athletic director retirement party. The quote I enjoyed the most from this piece was, “words of praise, skillfully mixed with good-natured barbs and stories from the past, were heaped on Zorn by some of the nation’s leading sports dignitaries during the entertaining program” (Buckli, 1). This quote give the reader a small bit of who was there and how important Zorn was. I also learned a few more things about Zorn through this article. For example, Phillips, the chancellor, presented Zorn and his wife with a brand new stereo and $5,000. Lastly, Zorn did not completely resign from Eau Claire, he continued the Dean of Men position on campus.

I have no argument against Buckli’s article. The only aspect I am unsure of is, since Buckli was a Bill Zorn advocate, he would not write anything not positive about Zorn. This can skew the information about Zorn, however, I am not overly concerned due to Buckli’s ethos.

Based off this article, Zorn was very well perceived by his peers. My question was addressed slightly. “Why was Bill Zorn so significant to Eau Claire?” Zorn was beloved by his peers because he was a great coach and a great person to be around. The individuals in attendance displayed that. Also, after reading this I think I may change my research question slightly. What made Bill Zorn so significant to Eau Claire? This is a subtle change but I think it is enough to help me write my exploratory essay.

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