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Course closed

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This course ended in May 2011, and comments and discussion on this site are closed.

video relating to HIv/Porn

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hey so vlad and I were on efukt and in between videos about prolaps and awkward gang bangs, we came across this video relating to the reading to unlimited intimacy. This is a video about Lara Roxx, one of the women who was inflicted with HIV along with the two other women.

Rectum, Not a Grave But a Womb

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In Unlimited Intimacy (2009) Tim Dean suggests that sodomy and specifically bareback anal sex, is an irresistible virtue and pornographic media sensation. Dean coveys the idea of the taboo that fuels this lust for unprotected sex in heterosexual porn, as being derivative from gay bareback and risky sex culture. The sexual acts described in the text seem ritualistic and psychologically arousing. “In this fantasy of the rectum as not a grave but a womb, we can discern the relevance of sexual difference even to straight porn.” The barebacking gay couple is now engaging in an act called “breeding” and his rectum is treated as a womb. This womb will never be able to conceive a child but a life altering virus can debilitate. It is this high risk situation that turn the heat up and grab the voyeurs attention. This raw stimulation transcends the usual risks concerned in a heterosexual couple having unprotected sex in her womb, which would be pregnancy. The barebacking anal sex seems to be an ultimate goal because you cannot abort the HIV virus. This risk makes the pornographic media sought after in greater proportions.

Barebacking in Str8 + Gay Porn

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In Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking (2009) Tim Dean examines the desirability for unprotected heterosexual and homosexual pornography in the second chapter entitled “Representing Raw Sex.”

Unprotected heterosexual sex that’s depicted in pornography has been prevalent since the very beginning of the porn industry. It’s primarily viewed as normal and natural to its intended audience as opposed to an unprotected scene in a homosexual film. Here, audiences may first and foremost think of potential dangers or death from the risky sexual behavior. Dean begins by discussing straight male porn star named Darren James who transmitted HIV without knowing it (testing negative before film shoot) and giving it to a few actresses causing the porn industry to consequently shut down for a month.

Women are almost always paid more than men in heterosexual scenes and as a result many men are partaking in “gay for pay” scenes. Barebacking has become prevalent in homosexual pornography more than ever before. Large cumshots are cherished in both heterosexual and homosexual scenes drawing a general parallelism between the two.

It is my firm belief that pornography is a representation of desirable internal fantasies in both the heterosexual and homosexual worlds. On pornographic sites such as XNXX the “most popular” (heterosexual) video categories are always scenes where men that are blessed with huge cocks. It’s my belief that heterosexual men watch these videos not because they fantasize about being with a big cock (maybe not of all the time) but they are letting the pornography put themselves in a scenario where they are the ones endowed with the big cock and 9 times out of 10 it’s unprotected.

Barebacking sex, too, can be examined as a desirable attribute that many viewers can’t have in real life due to it’s social stigmatization. It’s no surprise to me that a barebacking film would be a top rented video of the year, according to Dean, because the film depicts a representation of a fantasy that is desirable but an action that one may never experience, OR EVEN WANT TO for that matter. Actors in the gay porn industry are generally tested when they partake in an unprotected gay scene…not even sure if Dean knows of a situation where a gay male successfully transmitted HIV into a bottom on film. It’s almost like in the world of gay porn condoms are mainstream and testing isn’t and on the contrary in heterosexual porn testing is mainstream and condoms aren’t. Sad.

PS: I think the whole explanation about the ‘Breeding Seasons’ scene with 73 frozen cumshots shaped into a dildo is completely fetishized and unrelatable to discussion of HIV transmission due to the fact that it’s impossible to contract HIV under those physical conditions. Unless I’m not understanding the scenario. I tried watching it but, didn’t want to pay 60$ to stream it. Barebacking porn is SO expensive.

Article for interested:!5663052/hiv+positive-porn-star-was-gay+to+straight

Straight People Get the HIV too! Dust those T-cells off: The double standard of barebacking in straight and gay porn.

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In chapter 2 of Tim Dean 2009 “Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Bare Backing.” Discusses the appeal of bare backing porn in both the heterosexual and the homosexual community. Picture this L.A 2004. Famous Black Porn Star Darren James goes to Brazil H.I.V negative, comes back positive and infects three female porn stars without being aware of it. This caused the porn industry to shut down and a huge pandemic. While reading this, I did not realized how marketable bare backing porn was in both the straight and gay porn world, and how people would risk their lives for an extra few bucks. It said that women in Brazil were offered double the money to partake in unprotected sex. I’m sorry, no money is worth it for the potential chance of exposure of all sorts of STD, including HIV. What is the gain for bare backing porn? In the book Dean mentions that a lot of male actors pretty much throws themselves at the idea of having unprotected sex while being filmed, even doing it for free. What is the appeal? Is it because their is no condoms? Is it the fact that they are being filmed? To me their is nothing sexy about having sex with a woman who was in a 5 person gang bang with no rubbers.

Another thing that can be noted is the double standards between straight and gay porn. Bare backing porn is much more common in the heterosexual porn community then in the gay community. Even with the HIV outbreak in the straight porn community, their was still looking down on gay porn and how it is “more dangerous” for gay men to bareback then straight people. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black? Another thing that strikes me is if gay sex is riskier then heterosexual sex, why isn’t there routine testing for gay porn stars? especially due to the fact that a gay man porn star makes way more money then their heterosexual counterparts, and if gay sex is so much riskier, then why is it that straight men are risking their lives for profit? I personally do not get the appeal of unprotected sex.

I know the reasons why the gay community promote the use of condoms especially in porn. There are some gay porn that shows the condom being put on before penetration. People like the idea of no condom, the rawness of bare backing. That it is taboo, that is is risky, that it is taboo. But, for the porn stars it contracting crabs, warts or even HIV worth the extra money? Because the porn industry is a rough bitch that will chew a performer up and spit them out (not swallow) once they are deemed, contaminated.

Gay is the new Straight?

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In Unlimited Intimacy (2009) Tim Dean argues that straight porn has looked to gay porn for a new type of porn that elicits an enthusiastic response in the hardcore porn industry.  By paralleling the terms “barebacking” and “breeding” with “internal pop” and “creampie” and also pointing out that unprotected sex offers full vulnerability, Dean wants to make it clear that straight porn, in a sense, is adapting gay porn practices.  He goes through this analysis in order to make the point that sexual fantasy may be an unconscious desire that does not deal with sexual difference.

Like Dean, I find that as long as a woman is present, two men are allowed to come into sexual contact without it seeming gay in any sense to a heterosexual viewer.  Throw in the fact that there is no condom and the scene of two men penetrating a woman’s rectum can seem “so fuckin hot!”   The question doesn’t have to become a question of which came first, anal sex in straight porn or anal sex in gay porn, but rather why the scene of two men penetrating a woman has to generate new heterosexual lingo.  The act still displays the same erotic pleasure, that is a rectum is still a rectum no matter what sex  one is.  Perhaps there are different words to make the online porn website searches easier, but I think there is a more fundamental underlying issue.  I think the act of not using a condom in straight porn is derived from pleasure, rather than than the risk of being infected with HIV as “barebacking” often elicits.  So now we have a term that is based on pleasure, “internal pop,” but that doesn’t change the fact that two men have their junk touching.  So what gives?  Is the fact that two guys are testing the limits of a woman that the scene is straight? Who knows, I certainly don’t.

Bug Chasers: Afraid of HIV?

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After reading Chapter 1 in Unlimited Intimacy I looked up some documentaries on YouTube. I found that some bug chasers expressed that the reason they were looking for the virus wasn’t because they found it erotic or to validate their masculinity as Dean says, but because they felt like it was inevitable that they would get it and they just wanted to get it over with so they wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Just thought I’d throw this out there-  Here’s a link to one video- there are a lot more on YouTube to check out.

Here’s another one:

This man discusses the fact that for some “bug chasers,” contracting HIV may be purely fantasy that is played out on the internet during role play, but not in real life.

definition of intimacy

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Today in class we spent most of our time working through intimacy as a concept. Ultimately, we came up with this definition:

“a moment that is embodied and involves vulnerability (openness), trust, and intensity of passion”

we also stressed that one could be intimate with an object, a person, or a group of people. This negated the need for reciprocity, but we left open that reciprocity could be imagined (which doesn’t make it not real).

A J. Crew Controversy

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I thought the class would appreciate this recent article concerning a controversial J. Crew Ad, especially after our recent viewing of Ma Vie En Rose…take a look at the video for more information:

J. Crew Controversy

Unlimited Intimacy, Intro and Chapter 1

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