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notes from the interblags: olympics, technology, race, and diets

• via Clay Spinuzzi, this great comparison of an original NY Times piece on the Beijing Olympics, and the Chinese translation for a Chinese newspaper. The new copy omits anything that could be construed as negative, and even adds in … Continue reading

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Propagandhi: Refusing To Be A Man

In a previous post (also my response paper for a class), I was concerned with the translation of academic discourse into various other discourse communities, especially in regards to difference and oppression. As Lisa Duggan puts the sentiment, the discourse … Continue reading

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Delahoyde and Despenich: “Creating Meat-Eaters” (1994)

In “Creating Meat-Eaters: The Child as Advertising Target,” Delahoyde and Despenich argue that “Paranoia about the growing validity of the vegetarian alternative has prompted meat advertisers to secure their own future through the most susceptible consumers — children” (148). Throughout their … Continue reading

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Heinz and Lee: “Getting Down to the Meat” (1998)

In “Getting Down to the Meat: The Symbolic Construction of Meat Consumption,” Heinz and Lee analyze an archive of “50 texts related to meat consumption” collected over two years (88). Drawing on Marx and others, they show how meat is … Continue reading

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MacKinnon: Animal Rights and the right question

I’ve been reading a lot over the last month or so, but haven’t been blogging about it. I’d like to return this blog back to its roots a bit and start chronicling what I’m reading, including some summaries and responses. … Continue reading

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