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notes from the interblags: just some links

I’m going to have to give up on writing on some of these things, though I’ve wanted to. Some tabs that have been left open on my browser over the last month or so: • “The White Anti-Racist is an … Continue reading

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page 123 meme

This has been circulating the blogs: The rules of engagement are as follows: a) Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. b) Find page 123. c) Find the first 5 sentences and read them. d) Post the … Continue reading

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banished: 60 years of making your hometown white

Chuck Tryon reminds us to watch Banished: American Ethnic Cleansings, a PBS Documentary that starts airing on February 19. The film documents the actions of white folk in various counties in the United States that expelled African Americans between 1864 … Continue reading

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Suheir Hammad’s poetry

An video of Suheir Hammad’s poetry, appropriate in my case now as I’m sitting in on a Post 9/11 Theory course. This week we’re discussing Slavoj Zizek’s The Desert of the Real; I’ll try to post more on my thoughts … Continue reading

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bill bryson haunted me

While in the Frankfurt airport killing time, I decided I needed something to read while waiting in the airport and on the long flight back. During my vacation, I had already read Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of Freedom, Judith Butler’s Excitable … Continue reading

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